Cd-rom speed 8x to low to burn cd-r's?



See topic, is it really to slow for burning cd-r’s ith it?

What is the minimun I should have?


If your making an image on your hd it isn’t to slow


Your question isn’t that clear!
Do you mean the speed of your cd reader???
if this is the case then have in mind that in order to do copies on the fly your reader’s speed must be double your writer’s speed ( i.e if you want to record at x8 your reader must be capable of reading at least at x16). If you don’t want to copy on the fly your x8 reader will do just fine!

If you just wanted to ask if x8 wriring speed is slow or not ,here is the answer…
with x8 recording speed you should be able to burn a cd in about 9 minutes!! which is considerably fast, considering that the fastest recorders nowdays(x12) write a cd in about 5-6 minutes!

Hope i have been of assistance to you!


Just copy the iso to your hd (reading with your cd-recorder)

I always do this so I don’t fuck up cd’z


I love you guys …you keep repeating what i’m saying…bunch of parrots

3 times the same answer…


Sorry, I think I should explain my question a bit better.

My CD-ROM player speed is 8x speed.
My CD-Burner has a 2x speed.
(getting a better one soon)

Now is the 8x speed cd-rom to slow to burn cd to cd. Cause I had alot of cd-r’s wasted because (I think) my cd-rom player is to slow to burn cd-r’s.

Now my question was “is my cd-rom speed really to slow?” and do I have to buy a new one like a 40 speed or something?

I understand if you guys don’t understand it too well


You’ve got the answer already [3 times!]

make an image then burn!

yeah or buy tomorrow a new burner AND reader.


yeah yeah…

Thanks for the help guys, it now works alot better