CD-ROM repair



Could you suggest me some article, site, … on how to repair the CD-ROM. The problem with my CD-ROM is that the tray wont go in.(it goes in and the goes out, the motor does not start, so it seems that it does not understand that the tray is all the way inside)



where abouts are you from? sounds like the drive has had it, you can pick up a second hand CD-ROM for a couple of quid.


I think that if i fix the problem with the tray(and it should’t be hard), it will work as before.


I don’t know a site, but I can give you a hint: see if there’s any dust involved. You can try to open up the drive and get the dust out. The best way to do is to used pressurized air (from either a compressor or a spraycan). If you don’t have that and if you dare, try to use the vacuum cleaner. Be extremely careful, as you don’t want to suck any parts in!

Oh btw… what does the drive do when you tell software to open/close the drive?

And once more: be careful when opening the drive and trying to repair it. It’s easier to break a drive than fix it!


All this hassle just to fix a CD-ROM drive?


Thanx. Do you know where i can find some pictures of the inside of the cd-rom? I disassemble my cd-rom and found the problem, but i don’t know how it should be. (There is a ribbin on the right side of the cd-rom looking from the top. and this ribbin was in the way of the movind parts of the cd-rom. If i take out the tray and hold the ribbin, it works fine(motor starts spining and the laser goes up and down tring to find the focus.))