CD-Rom powers on but not reading, might be bc of ultraspeed CD-RW incompatibility

My burner is a TDK32x10x40. I bought some Memorex cd-rw’s, but I failed to notice that they were only compatible with ultra-speed 16x-24x cd-rw discs. I tried to format a DirectCD disc and then I got the message “medium not ready.” Ever since then I haven’t been able to read cds. My cd burner won’t read any cds. When I pop in a cd the light blinks so I know it powers on, but I don’t hear it spinning up. I tried swapping out the burner to a cd-rom and the problem was still there. Ever since then I haven’t been able to read cds. Can someone please help me?

Is everything connected correctly? like IDE cables and such.
Do you see the drive in My computer?
Do you see it in BIOS setup?

Everything is connected properly. When I installed this drive, I swapped out my old cd-rom and connected the same cables. I’ve had the drive for several months already and never had any problems with it. I see the drive in My Computer and the BIOS setup.