CD-Rom not reading CR-R or CD-RW Solution

This might be obvious to alot of people, but as this is a newbie section, I thought I would post this in the hopes that someone can avoid the hell I went thru!

I was having problems getting any of my Aopen CD-950e CD-Rom drives to read discs burned in my generic 32-12-40 CD burner. After many hours of over thinking the problem, the solution turned out to be VERY simple.

Quoted directly from Aopens almost, but not quite entirely useless FAQ section :

The utility, such as Easy CD Creator, Toast, etc you use to write the disks maybe in ISO9660 format which can be read on standard CD-ROM drives. Others like DirectCD, your disks are automatically written in UDF 1.5 format. You will need the UDF (Universal Disk Format) reader to read them.

The links they provide are bogus, but Adaptec’s driver is really spiffy and easy to install. You can get it here:
(if the link ceases to work, go to, type “UDF” in the search field, then select “Adaptec UDF Reader Driver”

I hope that this helps someone out before they get into trying to flash firmware, re-burn the same cd countless times, or otherwise spin wheels for hours.


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I’m having a problem with my CD-RW - Generic CRD BP1700 - which will not recognise CD-Rs (most of the time). Likewise it will not recognise a SACD (recognised by most everything else)

Is this a potential cure? I’m asking as the feedback site has some good some bad experiences.

The listed solution worked perfectly for me. After nearly a week running, all apps and drives work perfectly. Nothing stopped working, no odd errors, no depreciation of performance. Can only speak for myself of course.

Three systems all the same excluding burner and gateway (proxy+firewall) on main system:

PIII 650, 512mb Ram
60GB Seagate
WIN2k Pro
Aopen CD-950e
DLink 530ct+
SBlaster PCI128
ati radeon 7200 64mb

I use clone cd and nero mostly

Originally posted by TimG
Likewise it will not recognise a SACD (recognised by most everything else)

:confused: :confused:

“Everything else” meaning any SACD player ?

…meaning other PCs (including Dell running ME!), Car CD players, CD Walkmans etc

Anyway, CD-RW replaced by Samsung 48-24-48 and now runs fine - DVD still doesn’t, but may have trouble picking up which layer to read…

Tech support warranty upgraded at no cost - sometimes they work well - (Evesham)