CD-ROM is ejected during PC power on?

[b]Hello all…

I have some ‘freaky’ problem here…

The problem is that… sometimes when I turned my PC on (switch on the CPU power button), my CD burner drive (SAMSUNG) will be ejected out. At some other times it is OK as normal.

For your info, I am using Win2K SP4 and the CD drive is a secondary slave. The primary slave is my DVD writer (BTC brand).

So, I wonder what is actually going on here.

I’ve tried searching for similar problem but it seems it’s only me having this such stupid problem, :(.

Thanks in advance for help.

[b]One more info, this peculiar problem seems to come up after I replace my burnt power supply with a new one - SEADA 400 Watt

WOuld it be possible that this is the culprit of the problem?

But both burners seems to functioning well so far.