CD-ROM icons disappear after install

I am running Win XP and when I install NERO my CD-ROM icons all disappear from the MY Computer window. I then go under the hardware manager and there is yellow Icons telling that my drivers were loaded but the physical device could not be found. When I uninstall the program and restart the computer the icons are still missing. It isn’t until I use the restore function under XP that my icons come back!!! Any help would be appreciated. NOTE: version 4 doesn’t have this problem. Thanks.

Reinstall Nero and use the latest version ( officially) from
It’s a weird problem but I had it once too with CloneCD under XP. I installed an upgrade and whoops my drives were gone. Reinstalling did the trick. Don’t ask me why :wink:

Had the same problem here will, Only when I got did I get my drives back… that is uninstall rool the machine back and install the newer one

Cool. I’ll download the update and give it the 'ol college try!

:slight_smile: The update worked! I have my icons back and everything is ok. Now for the curious part in me, why was this the case? What did 5551 install to cause this problem that 5564 fixed? Are there any other ill effects that 5551 may have installed that I don’t know about yet? Thanks for the advice. It was quick!!