CD-Rom/DVD To Read Safedisk 2?

I do not want to pirate any games, it’s just that the last 3 games I purchased (Madden 2002, Civ 3, and Simgolf) Have not been playble on my system. The problem has been traced to Safedisk. With No CD Cracks, they, except SimGolf, because it has no no cd crack yet, work fine.

I am to the point where I just want to be able to play games THAT I PURCHASED. I have 2 drives, a pioneer 16x slot loading DVV and an HP 9150i CD-R.

I am willing to go so far as to install a PCI controller card, and install a 3’rd CD drive, just so I can play Safedisk 2 games. CAn someone recommend a drive that will FOR SURE READ Safedisk 2 games, not to copy or make images, but to play originals?

Thanks in advance.

every drive should read SD2 original games
but if you want a sure reader for SD2 get the liteonn ltd 163