CD-ROM Drive Won't Read CDs

I took my home PC from pre-installed Vista Home OS to XP PRO SP2. The CD-Rom drive will not read CDs now. It makes sound as if going to read it, but just dies down and nothing happens. I put the same CD in my laptop and all is well. It gets recognized and begins to be read. The CD-Rom drive is a Phillips BDSC drive. When I look in Device Manager, it is showing as ATAPI DVD A DH16AYH. Anyone had this experience, and if so, how did you correct this issue ?

Thanks in advance for any assistance,

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About the only thing to do is try it in another pc and see if it works. Strange as it might seem i have seen drives die from this same thing.

One other thing you might check is upper and lower filters >

Apologies. How do you delete a bad post ?

Thanks for your response. I did the removal of the limits, and the problem still remains. I am checking with ATI and am waiting on their response.


I rebooted PC into safe mode and used the drive without any problems, so there must be some part of full-blown windows that is blocking the use of this drive. Any suggestions ?

I was on with HP tech in chat and she was close, but on wrong device. Here is the procedure that corrected my problem:

Goto Control Panel->System->Hardware->Device Manager.

Click on View, choose devices by connection.

Expand the ATI IDE Controller
Expand the Primary IDE Channel
Make sure ATAPI DVD A DH16AYH is listed under the expanded IDE Controller.

Double Click the Primary IDE Channel
Click on Advanced Settings Tab
Change the transfer mode for Device 0 from “DMA if available” to "PIO only"
Click OK

I am back to normal use of the Cd drive now. Thanks for any assistance, tips, knowledge, etc. rendered. Much appreciated !


The drive must be so darn old that it refuses to work with DMA Mode…

The drive was in the PC when I bought it retail, so I am going to assume that it came from the factory that way. Who knows ?

Can you enlighten me: I thought " DMA if possible " was what was supposed to be the default ? Was I wrong in general, or only wrong pertaining to my own particular case ? Also, the PC was pre-loaded with Vista Home Basic and is now XP PRO SP2. Does that have anything to do with this issue of having to go to PIO ?


It normally goes back to PIO mode when the drive or cable doesnt support that mode, or when the OS has “decided” to go back.
“DMA if possible” means kinda nothing. the actual MODE is important.

Ok Chef, thanks. I will take your words to mean that I will be ok under PIO. Thanks again to you and the others for the help.


Thank you so much for your fix because it also worked on my problems!

You are welcome, and I am glad you found a solution. For me, this is a temporary fix. I have been kind of distracted from implementing the real solution, which will be a new drive, but I think that will be soon.