CD-ROM disappears

I have a strange problem with my plex 24/10/40a using winxp, sp1:

When I insert a corrupted cd the driveletter assembled to the drive (E:) disappears.

After rebooting the system, it works perfect.

It only disappears after inserting a defect disc.

Does anybody have an idea how to solve this problem?


Don’t insert a defective disc? Seriously, why would you want to read a disc that’s defective and what do you mean exactly with ‘defect’?

I have some old self burned discs and just wanted to load some files from them (pictures taken with my digicam).

My old CD-ROM started to blink after inserting a cd where some clusters are non readable. Then the message appeared which said that the disc contains bad/non readable clusters.

My plex only blinks twice, it disappears, then I have to restart the pc.