CD-Rom burning problem (judder on playback)

Hi, I’m desparately hoping someone on this board can help as no other has and you guys seem to know the most :smiley:

I have an Inspriron 6000 laptop with a Sony DVD±RW DW-D56A.

The problem is that whenever I record anything to CD-Rom I get a
juddering effect on playback, this is the same for both music files and
.avi or movie files. I have tried using several different types of
CD-Rom with no luck at all and have also tried changing the speed of my
recording and the software that I use to record, again with no change
to the playback. I have absolutely no problem when I copy DVD’s and the
playback of these is fine.

I have also tried using an external cd/dvd-writer through the USB port,
but get the same problem.

The software I am using is Sonic DigitalMedia LE although I get the
same problem if I try to use Windows Media Player. I do also have
iTunes on this machine although I do not use it to burn CD’s.

I asked Dell for support and their advice was to re-install windows xp etc. I could really do without doing this though!

Can anyone give me an idea of what the problem is please? :confused:

I don’t know how good the Sony is at burning CDs but mostly this type of problem is down to very poor quality media ie cheap. I’d recommend Verbatim generally, specifically their Pastels & Super AZO. These two always give me really good burns

I am using Datawrite, which is supposed to be one of the best and I have also tried several other types including other Ritek media. I’m pretty sure this is not the problem. Any other ideas? I’m desparate… :bow: