Has anyone else tried the 16p media from

I usually don’t buy the “cheapest” and prefer to stick with what I know (Verbatim & Arita) but, at 16p, I decided to break my own rules.

The first two I’ve burned just won’t playback on the PC. The second tries to play but falls over before it reaches the menu. I burned the same to one of my Aritas, and no problems at all. I use my tried and trusted NEC-ND1100A and DVDWS2 for authoring/burning.

Checking the media code with DVDInfoPro, the CD-RMedia DVD+Rs are shown as “MCC 003” which is exactly the same code as my Verbatims. Never had one problem with the Verbatims (I’ve used hundreds of them), but had 2 out of 2 failures on the CD-RMedia.

Doesn’t media code mean anything these days, or am I missing something obvious?


Media code means less and less these days. Mitsubishi have apparently ‘subcontracted’ their single layer +R DVD blank production to CMC Magnetics but the discs are still marked MCC.

There are also plenty of fakes around:

…and 2 successive failures out of 2 discs is suspicious if MCC 003 has worked so well before. I would not ask any further questions, get a refund from CDR Media, and stick with SVP.


Thanks for the reply, and the links.

It makes for a very interesting read and I can see I’m going to have to keep an eye on my Verbatims in the future. I’ve had a couple of tubs of Verbatim sitting on my shelf for a while now (I’ve been too busy to archive from my DVD+RWs - my own fault because I like doing the menus!) so it’ll be very interesting to see what I get when I need to buy new ones.

Incidentally, my Verbatims and Aritas come from CD-RMedia in the first place. I’ve no particular issue or problem with the company and I’ve often used their 10p CD-Rs for non-critical data purposes.

Each time I go to SVP it seems that they lean very heavily in the direction of DVD-R/RW and I rarely find what I need (my burners and DVD recorder are still “plus-only”). They only seem to stock Datawrite (which I had a nasty experience with in my early days of DVD burning), the curiously named “Tuffdisc” (never heard of them), Datasafe (no experience with) or CMC. No Arita or Ricoh, only one Verbatim (16x - and I don’t want to venture into 16x disks on my 4x burner just yet). So SVP isn’t an attractive proposition for me at this stage. Maybe when I’ve replaced my burner, but for now I’d rather stick with what I know (test cases notwithstanding).


I appreciate that you want to remain conservative about venturing into unknown territory after that experience! However, SVP have some Datawrite red discs with RICOH JPNR01 dye in the +R section, at £8.99 for 50 (18p each). Loobster and I have been using them and they indeed seem genuine. Rated at 4x as well…


Sounds like they might be worth a try at that price. I’ll put them on my “to try next” list.

…although, hang about. Buying a 50 spindle slaps on £5.28 postage (including VAT). That brings them up from 18p to 29p per disk. I’m only paying 31p for my Aritas at 25 a time (incl. delivery & VAT). I don’t think 2p difference per disk is worth me worrying about (unless I have a sudden yearning need for 200 of the things). Maybe I’ll wait until SVP have a special postage weekend or something.

I’ve been having a browse of SVP, since I’ve not been there for a while, and I notice that this “8x Tuffdisk” brand also has the media code “MCC 003” at 17.5p per disk. Not that I would suggest there’s anything wary about a disc I’ve never used or a name I’ve never heard of, but I do have to wonder if this is the same “MCC 003” as the CD-RMedia ones that failed on me this morning, rather than the “MCC 003” I’ve had success with in the past?

Maybe dodgy MCC 003s are more prevalent than I thought.


Yes, I’d be wary of anything marketed by people who can’t spell. Not to be confused with the TDK ‘scratchproof discs’, which have very good reports on other forums.

Incidentally one of the benefits of being in this new home environment is that I’ve been tempted to explore around, and the media sections of CD Freaks are a good source of guidance.

But anyway, yes, I’d wait until the next SVP shipping weekend -IIRC we are due one in a week or so.