CD Ripping, gaps

I have tried at least 5 different programs and they all have intermittent blank spots in the music. Is there a program that doesn’t give those.

i don’t understand what exactly your problem is, but i would suggest you use EAC. make some settings (you’ll find links to manuals + hints from the programs link-collection under the help-menu)
it has great error-recovery if you have the right settings and it also rips gapless…
just give it a try… :slight_smile:


Thanks - thats a good discription - gaps- that I am getting. I’ll try EAC.

gaps between songs? or gaps within the songs?

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I get gaps in the middle of songs. I wind up having to listen to all the songs and then either reripping them or removing the gaps before reecording them. I just firugered there must be a better way.

That’s because your discs are in bad condition, scratched, etc.
Or maybe your dirve is buggy, in this case use another drive to rip. What are your drives?

You need a ripping software that reports the errors, like EAC, but make sure you properly set it up.

EAC is great - when it reports error and the time within the song the error occured , sometimes it reports 0:00 which is before the song starts -1) what does that mean? 2) Can it be corrested? 3) Should it be corrected? (Is this what they mean gags between songs?)

I have two computers and there are four drives -Sony DRU500 DVD-RW, Samsung CD-ROM SC-152l, JLMS-XJ-HD1665 and Lite ON DVRW LDW 411S. Tey all have been giving gaps in songs. I might add none of them use CDClone very well either.