CD RIPPING- best free and best paid for software?

Looking for the consensus on the best FREE software for ripping CD’s and best “purchase”/pay for software for ripping CD’s…

I’ve finally decided to take my collection and rip them all, put the original CD’s in binder sleaves and in the attic.

Recommendations for bitrate to rip at?

Anything else I should know?


P.S. the only option I’d prefer is something that automatically names the songs as it rips them

Cds? Alcohol, clonecd, burrn, nero, itunes(at times) best bitrate is at least 128

EAC or CDex for me. CDex is the one I most use. :slight_smile: - both free!

For backup, I’d rip to .wav.

nah, I don’t really care about the losses between wave and mp3, I just want to get rid of the CD’s and not chew up HD space or 1000 DVD’s trying to back everything up…

CD to Mp3 for free with something 128-256 bitrate or better…

I check out the one’s suggested thanks

Both EAC (Exact Audio Copy) and CDex will rip to mp3, as well as .wav :slight_smile:

thanks guys, using CDex now, running two instances of the program and ripping two CD’s at a time to mp3. Decided to go with 256 for all the songs, got CDDB setup to remote check automatically- songs are named and ripped perfect and relatively quickly and extremely painlessly…

thanks again

EAC with Lame encoder anytime…
Free and high quality…what better combination can you think of?

I use DeepRipper it is free.

Big fan of CDEX here … coupled with Lame.

If you want high quality, not huge amounts of space taken up, use lame with highest variable bitrate, stereo (rather than joint stereo).

Joint Stereo is Ok, but apparently the phases of the two channels is lost.
But this is really only important if you were doing movies where it needs to be directional.