CD Ripper for scratched CD's

I’ve just bought some expensive 2nd hand original audio commentary CD’s but they have some bad scratches. Some are that bad you can see through it if you hold it up to the light :frowning:

can anyone suggest a good CD ripper that will get as much of the original audio as possible without hanging for ages due to read errors? I don’t mind the clicks you sometimes get due to scratches as I can remove those afterwards

Seeing as you got nowt to lose, try this on one CD, it should work…
Get yourself a pen that Writes on your CD (Black is Best) and fill in those scratches you can see…ONLY do it on the other side, not the Music side…You should be able to Rip it then…

Have you tried an old Plextor (scsi) cdrom with exactaudiocopy or cdex ?
Maybe audiograbber or the plextools will do it too.
When quality isn´t an issue than you can try clonecd. :o

There was a thread about making scratched CDs useable by putting hair gel on them - it was in the Living Room over a week ago. Sounded like a joke urban myth to start with, but a couple of CDF tested it and found it worked (strangely). May be worth having a go since it won’t actually cause any further permanent damage to your CDs, and may allow you to make copies of the originals.

No matter what you do, PC’s tend to choke on very scratched CD’s vs. the CD player the just sounds like crap.
IIRC, I used Alcohol 120% to do this on a really whammied Peter Gabriel CD. I’m not in front of my killer PC right now so I’ll try to get close: Using Alcohol, you create an image from CD, but choose a profile that will allow you to select the “fast skip read errors” box. Alcohol will do its best to faithfully reproduce the disc. When you are done, you can mount the image on a virtual drive and use standard ripping software to extract the audio to .wav, .mp3 or whatever. After that you can edit with your favorite software to remove ugliness.

If the clear side is the one that is scratched I have used this with good results I have fixed many badly scratched disks. (kids games etc.)

Sometimes the standalone CD-player will play these discs better than the drive in your computer…
…try picking up the output of this player with something like Audacity. With the right settings this will work.