CD RIP Speeds are locked at 8X. Plextor no help

My CD audio rip speeds appear to be locked at 8X. I cannot get it to rip anything at over 8X. My udma is set to 4. I have tried SpeedRead both using the eject button and plextools to no avail. I now have my plextor installed in a brand new computer from the one in which it was first installed and I have the same problem I have had since day one. I also have a tdk CDROM that rips just fine at 52X or some other crazy speed but on my new system there is only one port into which I can plug IDE devices so one hard drive and one DVD/Cd is my limit. I gave up on fixing this before as I could just rip using the TDK. Now I have lost that option. 12min to rip a disk is just not an option. :sad:

thanks in advance


that is 8× clv,u should select 20×-48× cav in plextools and check silent mode…