CD Rip Errors with EAC



I’ve managed to rip all but 20 CDs using EAC. These 20 give me errors, such as a sync error, using EAC. I’ve tried a different drive, made sure the disks are clean but no luck. I’ve searched the net but can’t seem to find help.

Is there a CD or DVD drive that is better on damaged CDs? Either internal or external would be good. TIA.

Regards-Michael G.


I think you are right in saying that your drive is just very fussy about the read errors.

I would buy a Plextor Premium, it is about the best audio extractor drive you can get, and I have found that CDs have to have pretty deep scratches before it complains.

Ben :slight_smile:


Yo Michael-

You have got to tell us what your trying to burn and with what your burning with and what system it is in and what operating system you have-

We don’t read minds very well in here-



Eh? :confused:


I’ve read about the Plextor Premium but wasn’t sure about performance on CDs that were less than perfect. Would any Plextor do because I’d rather have an external drive, I’ll go with the internal if necessary. As far as scratches, I have some CDs that I played once or twice and look perfect to me but I still get errors. All are music CDs, factory pressed.

No burning, just ripping using EAC to flac.

Regards-Michael G.