CD Rimax Extra Large/Nero/Nec

I take all the morning trying to burn a CD of 875 megas with NEc 3500 and there is no way. He is rimax. Use the Nero. It is the first time that attempt to burn 875 with the Nec, but I have been many years burning them with other burners. The problem is that it does not recognize the disc of 875, says that it is a disc of 700. what I do?

I’m guessing English isn’t your first language… Kidding, sorry :slight_smile: I think what you’re asking is if the 3500 will burn 99 minute CDs, and while I’m no expert, I think there are more drives that don’t burn the full 875 megabytes than drives that do, maybe someone else here has some experience with the drive and 99 minute discs

Hehehehe… is obvious that the English I speak it as badly as I burn cds of 99 min…

Have you tried to overburn the disc? Every 90 or 99 min CD-R is recognised as 700MB and has to be overburned to write beyond 700 MB mark… there is no other way.

To my knowledge overburning to 90 mins is max for NEC 3500. :wink:

This is also confirmed here.

Goto “options”–> “(expert-) settings”–> overburning. :slight_smile:

Yes, confirmed: max 90 min. This is what there is…Thanks