CD Rid resets my PC when started?

Just downloaded CD Rid.

Unzipped & ran the prog.

My PC just rebooted.

I was running XP. Before rebooting i saw a blue screen.

So I ran Win ME from my 2nd HDD & started CD Rid. Everything works fine.

So, I thought there was some mistake. Again tried running the CD Rid from XP. My machine showed a blue screen & restarted again.

After restarting & booting into XP, windows shows a message than Windows has just recovered from a Serious Error.

What is this all about ???

This was the first time I saw a blue screen on my XP. I had never hanged or restarted before.:a

CD Rid???

If you mean CDR Identifier, support for this free program has long since been discontinued. It was discontinued before WinXP was released.

Since you have a Lite-on, you should use the SMART-BURN Media Check Program.

It will give you the same disc information as CDR Identifier, plus the Smart-Burn Speed Limit of the disc.

Also, it works in WinXP. :wink:

I already use SMART-BURN Media Check Program.
I have no problem with it.

But, why does XP reset.

It recovers from the baddest application hang-up.

Whats so special about CDR Indentifier?

Also, CDR Indentifier works in ME.

There is nothing special about it. It’s just an older program that shouldn’t be used in WinXP because it’s incompatible.

The fact that it works in WinME has nothing to do with its behavior in WinXP. WinXP can crash under the right circumstances as you have learned.

Don’t use programs that are not developed to be compatiible with WinXP.


After the problem I mentioned above, everytime i start XP, it shows me a dialog box saying “Windows has just recovered from a Serious Error”.

This happens everytime now.

Now, whats this ???

The shutdown process is normal.

Have deleted CDR Identifier from my XP HDD.

See You Receive a “System Has Recovered from a Serious Error” Message After Every Restart for advice on the cause of this message.

Installation of the WinXP Service Pack 1 will fix the error message.

Thanks very much Inertia.

I am relieved now.

InCD is probably the Culprit causing XP to reboot when CD-Rid is loaded.

Look here

ASPI drivers were the Culprit.

I didn’t have them Installed.

Now everything is fine.

Thanks Inertia for your suggestions.