CD replicator busted in $1.2m MP3 piracy

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A Swedish CD-ROM replicating company is to pay $1.2 million after being caught with pirated MP3 files and software.

More than 20,000 CD-ROMs were…

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Their in deep shit…

"IFPI refused to reveal the names of the artists used for the MP3 files, but said they were all well-known international Latin pop artists. " … Hmm… Wasn’t their an All Latin Album om Blade sometime ago ??? …

If it was a ‘knock and talk’ then why did they let them in?

perhaps “knock and talk” means : 'They knock the shit out of you before they talk!" :smiley:

There in for a long time if they can’t pay up, but every one knows that they were just a little bit of the other people that do it