CD Recovery tools...?

Does anyone know where i could get a good CD Recovery tool??..i’d like to recover some files off a cd i wanna burn again…Fallout 2…lol wont let me do a full install -.-’

Please no trials…enless i can do somthing…
most of the trials i’ve tried wont let me recover anything off the disk -.-’

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Does anyone know where i could get a good CD Recovery tool??..

Stellar Phoenix CDRom

File recovery from damaged CDROM, CD-R and CD-RW.
Data recovery when TOC (Table of Contents) is bad or damaged.

Fully automatic CD Data Recovery software provides data recovery even after primary volume descriptor and secondary volume descriptor are corrupt or physically damaged.

Data recovery when data can not be accessed and disk indicates that it is full.

Provides file recovery when disk has physical damages : scratch, bubbles, cracks and warping.

Provides CD data recovery when computer freezes when trying to read the disk.

Provides CD file recovery when disk has data but appears blank or displays as audio disk.

[[B]CD/DVD Diagnostic[/B]]( 

Effectively recovers data from unreadable, scratched, corrupt or defective CD-R, CD-RW and DVD discs…

The only disc recovery software developed and supported in the US.

Detects deleted files and corrupted discs whether the error was caused by Hardware…Software…Media….User

Bypasses Windows and the original software to access the lost data file

Recovers data created by all disc writing software