CD Recovery Toolbox: a free tool to recover damaged discs



I just posted the article CD Recovery Toolbox: a free tool to recover damaged discs.

Do you need to recover files from damaged or corrupted CD/DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-Ray disks? Then this free tool is for you.CD Recovery Toolbox was developed for recovering damaged files from different disk…

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I know that it is good to promote software, but this software really isn’t free. Whoever wrote this article should have mentioned that it is shareware. What does “Free” mean anymore???


CD Recovery Toolbox Free is absolutely free. Anyone can install it on the computer and use the program for an unlimited time.


Alternately, try using the free gnu tool available in any default linux distro called dd_rescue Knoppix, for instance, gives you access to this convenient tool. To use, simply mount your CD and have a place to recieve what’s left of the data from your disc. dd_rescue /mnt/cdrom0/file.avi /mnt/hda1/saved_file.avi Works on severely damaged CDs and DVDs and will continue trying for hours and hours even when it can only get a few bits at a time.


send me the cd recovery software