CD-Recording software comparison



Hi all,

I am doing a general research on different CD burning softwares and their advantages and disadvantages. I have to take care of these points when i should write about it. Performance, Ease of use (interface, configuration options, help& support etc. ), Features (like supported wrting formats), bundled software (like InCD, DIrectCD etc.) The problem is i have to break this down into categories and then give points to each software. I do not know how to break this down into categories since it is the hardware and media used that come into play when burning a CD. Please correct me if i am wrong and also give me suggestions and information to correctly categorize this sections. If something like is already done, please let me know the article link or whitepaper. Also, if there is a different testing procedure for writing softwares, let me know. Also,let me know the softwares that should be used for testing and the drive. I am currently testing on one drive that is the Lite-ON LTC 48161H DVD combo drive. (This is the one that I own). If other drive is required for proper testing, please let me know.


Aquarius :slight_smile: