CD recording goes retro - Vinyl CD-Rs from Verbatim

I just posted the article CD recording goes retro - Vinyl CD-Rs from Verbatim.

VNUnet reports that Verbatim has introduced a new line of CD-R products with a Vinyl top, to give you a retro feeling. The CD-Rs are meant to look like an old-style vinyl 45rpm record…

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I saw these here in the USA at Target store. I was wondering what they are made of. Metal azo? Would they be good to use for the yamaha crw-f1 disct@2

I want to see a picture, verbatim doesn’t even have a picture on their own web site!

“will not work on a record player.” Why not?

Picture is at this URL:

gracias Sentry07

Volume 1 of the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack is made to look like a vinyl record. :slight_smile:

this has been done… a canadian company has had these for a while… pretty sweet looking…

okay, these ARE in fact neato looking. and colol to burn. its like, “hey man, its a record! but…not!” then you look at it try to figure where the hell you are going to write on it. Its black! cool idea, no space for contents. :slight_smile:

A fairly new idea for CD-Rs… an old idea as a design… remember: Soundgarden - Superunknown. Check out to see what I’m talking about… A great CD label for a Great/Classic album. :4