Which CD_Recorder is best when you want to burn copy protected cds? I´ve heard that Plextor is good but which model should I buy

Everyone who reply to this thread got my personal grattitude:slight_smile:


i think the main two are plextor (solid build quality) more expensive though.
and :smiley: LITEON its your choice buddy . search for reviews on the brands it may influence your choice


Guess what mine is …Note : plex supposed to be better for audio but then that depends on what software you use too…


i dont think it took 5 min for you guys to reply, Thanks man
I will buy a Plextor or a LITEON (Havent decided yet) as soon as I get some money

LITEON would be the best choice, the drive i own is an HP but ive recently discovered that it has a LITEON chipset which would probably be the reason why im able to backup all revisions of SD2 :wink: