CD Recorder Advice

I’m in the market for a CD recorder for my church so we can record services. Stand-alone CD recorders seem WAY overpriced (like $400 US). DVD recorders are much cheaper, but I need to be able to record in a format that can be played on a CD player. I was considering the Liteon 5005 but found by reading this forum that it records in MPEG2 format, not LPCM. I really don’t want to sign up for transcoding each service from MPEG2 to LPCM. I would much rather find a recorder that can record onto CD-/+R/RW in LPCM or other CD-compatible format so that the recording can play on most any CD player and I can do some quick copying with Nero if I need multiple copies of a particular service.

Any advice?



Do you not have a pc with a cd writer in it?

I certainly do have both CD and DVD writers in my PC. But the PC is not at the church, nor is one available at the church.

Any advice on this is greatly appreciated.


All I can suggest is to google and see if you can find any info on standalone cd recorders. I don’t have any knowledge in that area.