CD recordable prices to drop in Europe and the United States

I just posted the article CD recordable prices to drop in Europe and the United States.

Digitimes reports that CD recordable prices are likely to drop the coming times because some Taiwanese have dropped their prices from US$ 0.18-0.20 to US$ 0.15-0.16 per disc to stimulate…

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Yup because people have been buying more dvdr’s no doubt

Well at least I know thats the case with me. I have 3 CD Burners sitting in a drawer now and almost only use DVD+R.

me too, i now mostly burn dvd’s. i love going from several houndread cdrs to a few dvd’s. makes backups much easier. now i just wish i could make mp3 dvd’s and have them play in my car or walkman. 4.38gigs of mp3 on one disk would be nice.

yup, i can vouch for that too… however i still burn on average about 50-60 cd’s a month, all trance, and house music… But for data backup, my DVD burner beats the shit out of cd-r hands down. there will always be a place for both formats, IMO.:slight_smile: