CD Recognition Problem



Could not find my hardware/software on the above lists. I am thinking of changing my OS from 98se to WinMe…but if I can solve this problem…I may not. I just installed an IDE 5224 cd burner. (52x24x52) from Top G(Top Glory Electronics…Dong Guan Co., Ltd). I have installed LG software…Adaptec ECDC 4.03C.S12/Direct CD 3.03C.s12.(EasyCD Creator) When I try to burn a CD I get “There are no CD recorders available. Ensure that your CD recorder is powered on and all cables are connected. You may also need to update EasyCD creator to recognize your recorder.” I checked all my connections and they’re ok. I cannot find an update at what they are calling "an update site."My OS is ME…my software is from 2001 and my cd burner was made in 2004. Egads!!! Is there a way out?


I wonder if it is not the burning software that is at fault here but the burner and 98se. The hardware was built in 2004. My system seems to recognize it…that is…I can upload and play games…I can LISTEN to my pre-recorded cds…so…I wonder…(this is gonna’ sound stupid) could my 98se see the hard ware as a player and not a burner? Is that a possibility? I have a driver report on diskette…also a Belarc Report. Is there a way(if need be) I can attach them here for help? Here is the problem…in a pecan shell…Computer:emachine(etower733i) made in 2001. OS: 98se. Burner made in 2004. Perhaps the answer is to purchase an older burner(1998 or so) as then it might be recognized. I have no idea where to begin on that one…and I really would prefer to get the one i have…working. Thanks, guys. Steve


Where can I find the driver file: idpflirw5224V001u.exe ? I was told…it may work…but then…I have been told many things. Thank you