Cd reading problems

I’m having a few problems reading certain CDR’s in WinXP. I put a CDR that I have compiled in the cd writer (an LG8160B) and the Explorer icon changes from “CD-RW Drive” to “CD Drive”, not the label that is on the cd. When I click on the CD icon it comes up with the error “D:\ is not accessible. The request is not supported.”.

This seems to only happen with CD’s that I have written with Nero ( The only way I can view the contents of the CD is buy inserting a CD created with CloneCD from an image, leaving the Explorer window open, eject that CD and the replace it with the Nero written CD and the refreshing the window. I can then view and use the CD normally.

This only seems to happen with Nero created CD’s and not CloneCD image created CD’s. However some Nero created CD’s (especially the older versions of Nero) seem to work fine. Could this be a WinXP problem? or maybe the Writer itself? Maybe something to do with multi-/closed session CD’s?


I don’t know much but I have made enquiries of Nero and LG and Nero is not supported by LG8160B. I have tried to get them to provide firmware updates etc but so far they won’t do it. Maybe there is an incompatability there?


Thanks for your reply. As it turns I had the writer replaced by the supplier with a new LG8240B for no cost (none of the LG8160B in stock):slight_smile:

Anyway, the new writer had the same problems. However I assumed this was because the cd’s were the ones written on the old writer. Things were OK for a while until I wrote a compilation data cd using Easy CD Creator 5 (with the latest updates). The cd came up with the same problems. Incidentely, the error message is the same as if I put a blank cdr in the drive and try to open it with explorer.

The cd’s seem to work fine on friends computers.

So I’m assuming this isn’t a problem with the writer itself of the software??? Maybe WinXP or other hardware is causing it???