CD Reading Problems! PLEASE HELP!

I have an internal samsung DVD CD-RW which is three years old now and refuses to read brand new CD ROMS, which is very strange because it runs all my old CD’s perfectly, even reading DVD’s isn’t a big problem with this drive, its just doesnt like new CD’s thats its only problem!

But seriously though I am unsure if it is a fault that can be corrected or is this just a sign that my DVD drive needs to replaced with a new one?

My System Specs are:

Microsoft Windows XP Proffesional Edition
AMD ATHLON XP 2.1 GHZ Processor
240GB Hard Drive (Partitioned)
Samsung DVD CDRW
512 MB RAM

Any Advice would helpful!


Welcome to CD Freaks.

How does it do with burning CDs?

Maybe a lens cleaner would help.

I’m moving this to the Optical Drives forum where you might get more help.