CD Reading Issue - NEC DVD+RW ND-2100AD




Newbie here. You guys have a great site! Tried to search for a problem with my issue, buit didn’t see a match. Hope someone can help.

My NEC DVD+RW ND-2100 AD (Combo Drive) has worked perfectly for the last 2 years since my Dell 8300 PC was new. Now all of a sudden, it will not read any CD’s inserted no matter what format or media is inserted…but, it reads DVD’s without a problem!

Called Dell and all tests “passed” on the device. They had me “flash” a firmware update to the drive (106), which was the same one I had.

I cannot even see any contents in My Computer when a CD is in the drive (again, DVD’s can be seen and played with the drive). CD’s have played and I’ve burned CD’s with no issues until now.

Any idea’s? Dell said it’s an XP software issue, and I tried to get them to replace the drive but they won’t because the tests say it functioning correctly.


Surfer Dude


Could be that some software hide’s the ATIP of a CD…

Testing the drive in real DOs or in another computer would be a good idea…


I had the same problem, but I am not really very familiar with all the technical terms. in simple language, what can I do? (Itried the disc on a different computer and it worked fine)