anyone knows which reader, reads good and fast audio-cd’s.

grtz, ViNcEnT


TRY a ASUS 40x or 50x, is realy good value…


Plextor 40x (SCSI)
It’s reads audio at 12x with a 100% jitter correction.
And with no jitter correction must faster…
Toshiba’s are very fast too (SCSI).
No complains about AOPEN either.



I own a plextor 40x these are indeed VERY fast at extracting audio, but SCSI thus a bit more expensive. If you want a cheaper solution, buy an ATAPI A-Open. I have a 32x which rips audio at 8x WITH JITTER…


PsYcHo DaD


I also use a Plextor Ultraplex40 cd-reader, this reader is one of the best there’s.

For about $ 55.- or fl. 125,- you can get the Adaptec 2904CD SCSI-2 adapter, and it’s worth to make this extra investment.


I’ve got an Afreey 50x, it cost me fl. 90,-! It reads audio at 18x!!!
Suit yourself!