Cd reader

I’m looking to buy a cd reader
can anyone advise me
it should do 16X on the fly
on audio cd’s

Then check here for a list of DAE speeds.

nice list G@M3FR3@K (did you find your Toshiba? :wink: )

I would recommend the #3 of this list, it’s the LiteOn ltd 163, a 16 speed dvd-rom player and 48 speed cd player. Here in Holland you should be able to buy it for 80 euro, max!

BTW, this drive is also great for CloneCD, because it supports all the necessary features. Furthermore, this dvdplayer can easily be made regionfree, a lot of firmwares available on the net!

I did it’s terrible but I never use it for audio. I use my Plex for that … The Liteon LTR 163 indeed seems to be a good choice. You were right (is that what you wanted to hear ;))…


Originally posted by G@M3FR3@K
(is that what you wanted to hear ;))…



BTW, thanx!

IS this drive the answer except toshi which I cant get my hands on
Region free???
Macrovision free???
good ripping speed???

thanks guys

I knew there must be a better drive out there than a toshiba,

I am not sure about the macrovision thing, but the rest: YES!

You can read a review over here:

Well the review says everything other than what asked.

But when you say yes(just wanna confirm) can I use it as a means of reader in sd2 backups and other backups(have you tried this or have you read it somewhere??)

Also it says the drive reads movies at 1X speed, so is the ripping speed any good

Dont worry about macrovision, I am gonna reccieve a standalone dvd player which has dts 5.1 decoder built in, Macrovision free and region free and can play any format you see in a dvd player. Yesssssss

You gonna ask why I need ripping speed details. Well its like dae

You want quality. I knowI can hook it up to any vcr or buy a philips standalone dvr+player and copy it but I want to edit and stuff


If you would have read the whole review… at least you would have known about the ripping speed… :wink:

But to make it easy for you, read this part of the same review where they talk about dvd-video/rom transfer rates:

Conclusion: ripping with 11,5 dvd-sp on average is possible! (BTW, the player plays dvd-videos at 1 speed, so the noise level while playing a dvd is very low and no heat issues! Apperently other dvd-players play dvd-video while spinning full speed and generating a lot of noise/heat)

For regionfree check this site:

Here you can find firmware’s for the ltd163 to make them regionfree!


extra info

Well sorry about that. I did read the whole review. But I thought ripping movie and data transfer from a data dvd are two diffent things. I could be wrong. Well from what you say i have to believe you. Anyway 4 the important bit. Does this drive support reading subchannel data to copy any copy protected game etc???

thanks again

Ps which firm ware should I go for from the three listed, theres also a rpc1 utility listed there has anyone tried that with this Ltd 163 dvd drive?

In the review mentioned above you can see test-result ripping dvd-video and ripping dvd-rom… for both the average speed is between 11 and 12 speed! :smiley:

Yes, the liteon ltd163 does support audio and data subchannel 96 bytes! :smiley:

About the firmware: I am not sure if the latest firmware available can be made region-free with the rpc utility you mention, I know about earlier versions! You should check out the forum on the firmware page mentioned above. In there you can read all about making the dvd-drive region-free! :smiley:

If you are still not convinced, try google to find some more reviews! There are a lot of them, outthere! I don’t know where, but I have read a review of the LiteOn ltd163 in which they test it with CloneCD. Apperently, the drive is also very fast with SafeDisk v2 errors! :smiley:

You can find another review over here!


So, that’s all for now folks!



here’s the problem where I live lite on’s aren’t popular and I couldn’t find any lite on’s

the only drive that was on the list which i found somewhere to buy was the aopen 52X is it good?
does it support disc at once at 16X?
please help

In the last url mentioned above, you can also read about an Aopen dvd-player.

But you can always order the LiteOn, perhaps abroad?

Well its promising, I do wanna buy it. But I also went to liteon site where I saw anoither dvd drive LITEON LTD 165. I am just wondering whats does this drive have that the LTD 163 dont have??

thanks Upp3rd0G you have been alotta help.

You’re welcome :cool:

Don’t know the ltd165… can’t help you with that…