CD-Reader Too Fast?



I’m working on an old computer for a friend. It’s not much of a system. P166 w/48 megs RAM.

Someone replaced the CD-Reader with a ACER 40X

Question here is it possible for the Reader to run too fast for the mobo to keep up. I get the blue screen saying “can’t read from device” … when I hit enter to continue it goes on with the install.

Next question … is there a way to slow down the CD-Reader’s speed.

Running Windows 98SE


DriveSpeed from Nero

>Icon appears at the right side
>Right-Mouse click


CD Bremse (only German Version)

CD Geschwindigkeit - CD Speed
feststellen - lock
Timer einstellen - to adjust the Timer
startet mit Windows und bleibt bereit - starts with windows and stays ready
wird vom Benutzer gestartet - is startet by the user (i hope you understand what i mean :wink: )


Thank you … try it out when I get home.