CD Read speed related to CD write speed?


i have detected, that the same cd read operation is significant slower after i burn a cd with Nero with a limited speed (not the maximum). The read operation is NOT related to Nero . I copy some files from CD to HDD with the Windows Explorer. I use a “Plextor CD-R PX-W4824A” with a maximum read speed of 48x and i burn the cd with 16x . It seems to be that the write speed limitation is also used for the read operation.

Is this a know problem?

Even if this is a Plextor firmware problem (because the read operation is not related to Nero), has anybody a idea to solve my problem (for example a way to set the read speed to max with or without NeroSDK)?

Any other idea how to read a CD with full speed after burn a CD with slower speed?

I use NeroSDK 1.02 with Nero



Even I am also facing the same problem.

dvd export seems to cause slow-speed dvd import

Can anybody tell me why is it happening?

More explanation:

start Nero DriveSpeed (from Nero 6 on my system) It shows a read speed of 16x (and its is indeed fast spinning on access)
Now I write some data to DVD (to empty DVD) After the burn completes, I look again at “Nero DriveSpeed” which was still running, I tricked an update by temporary switching in that panel to “F:” with my DVD-ROM and then back to “E:” with my DVD±RW and then indeed it shows a current speed of merely 5x Now doing a copy/paste with win explorer and the DVD drive spins at low speed. Putting in another DVD media automatically made it 16x again and the drive is spinning highspeed