I am looking for a CD-R that allows MORE than 80 minutes of audio. I looked at other people’s questions online that asked the same thing and some people answer something like “Your stupid! There’s no such thing as a CD-R that holds more than 80! Idiot!” IF YOU PLAN ON LEAVING A COMMENT LIKE THAT, DON’T. I have heard plenty of people say that there ARE 110 min CD-R’s and 120 min.

HELP: I am looking for, preferably, a 120 min CD-R. On another site’s forum, sum1 put a link for THIS site. I copy and paste that link to my URL and it just won’t show up. Nothing that says error . . . .it just “loads” the site, says done, and there is nothing that shows up. *********If you know of a CD-R with 100+ mins PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Thanks.


Do a google search, you’ll find plenty of links. Keep in mind that you also need a burner capable of handling the media…most won’t.

You can find more info here:

Also note that anything over 80 minutes is out of spec and can damage the drive burning the disc or the player trying to read the disc. This is a risk, because the additional “space” occupies areas of the disc not normally used.