CD-R worked (ME), now bad (XP)

I have an older SONY CD-RW model CRX140E which worked flawlessly on my DELL PC with ME installed. I’ve done a fresh install of XP Home on the same PC, and I’m now getting bad discs (files not valid, slow disc reading/transfers). This drive also now has a problem finding the current multi-session, i.e., after burning a 3rd session on the disc, explorer sees only the 1st session (even though Roxio can see all three sessions on the disc).

Is it possible that XP or the drivers XP installed for the drive is to blame? It’s just hard to belive the drive is failing by coincidence.

I’m planning on replacing it with a Plextor 712 DVD burner, but am apprehensive that a system problem will affect the new drive as well.

Have you checked if DMA is enabled for your recorder? Check out this thread on how to check that. If your drive is working in PIO mode 4 then you will experience slow burns and slow read performance. Windows XP doesn’t need any special drivers for your recorder. I’m using a Plextor PX-712A here myself, running Windows XP Service Pack 2 (and Service Pack 1 before that) without a problem. Good luck and welcome to the forums wevowva.

XP uses a lot more memory than Windows Me. How much memory does you system have? What version of Roxio are you using? If it’s v5 make sure take two is not installed, as it’s not compatible with XP. Also check out this post.