CD-R Woes

Hi guys,

I am using MadDog’s 2.8F firmware and I am having trouble with these Memorex (ProDisc) media. Every few burns seem to fail (I never see even shitty media like RiData fail).

When the burn does complete the C2 error count is 0% but I’m concerned because after trying to scan the first 5% of the disc the first time the drive stopped and kept spinning up and down. After stopping and restarting the scan it went through without a hiccup except the last 5% which is reading 1 sector per second (kind of like my RiData shit but by miracle without any C2 error still)

I am wondering if this media is the problem or is my drive dying or is it just not good at reading CD-R media (remember it seems some others have good luck with RiData but even this drive and my Lite-on hate it with slow reading and massive C2 errors at the end)?

The only good luck I ever have consistently with perfect burns and no read problem seems to be TY>