CD R/W and packet writing software

Please advise : is it a must to format a CD R/W disk
with packet writing software before using the disk.
If I just insert the disk and burn data in - like using a CDR
-will I be able to re-use the space used before ? Thank you.

You only need to format the disk if you want the disk to look like “a drive letter” to other software (for example, if you want to use Windows Explorer to copy files by dragging-and-dropping). If you use Nero or Easy CD Creator to burn an image to the disk, then you do not need to format it; you can use it just like a CD-R.

To answer your other question, yes, since it is a RW disk it can be re-written. If you formatted the disk, you can overwrite files or erase files as required. The disk will work just like a very large floppy drive. If you used Nero or Easy CD Creator to burn an image to the disk, then when you want to re-use the disk, you can either erase it, or create another session just like a CD-R.

Download the latest version of Incd-43111 package 3 from the following link: after the install is complete reboot the p.c… Once the system is back up and running open the Nero StartSmart>Data>click on 'format/prepare re-writable disk’n prompting the Incd window and place a RW disk in the drive and click on start. After the format is complete close the Incd window and the Nero StartStart and open My Computer or the Windows Explorer and ‘Drag and Drop’ your files to the recorders drive letter.