CD-R trouble please help

i need help yesterday i wanted to burn a CD and i couldnt. i have never used my CD burner before.
when i try burning with nero it gives me thease errors.

  1. unspecified target error
    2.invalid write state
    3.could not perform endtrack
    4unspecified target error
    5 could not perform fixation
    when i try the test speed burner it gives the error
    no additional sence information
    error write protected
    i am using a CD R + DVD it is a samsung 308b i upraded its firmware.

Thanks for the help
if you need more info to help me leave the question here or contact me on yahoo chrisbaird2 or AOL chrisbaird23

Did you try different media and/or discs ? It could just be a lousy cd-r.

I would guess as Mr.B suggested : better media.

Are you sure that is a blank CD-R you are using?