CD-R speed vs. longevity

Quick question: Does the burning speed of CD-R affect degradation over the long term? I’m not worried about initial quality, since I can figure out optimal speeds for my myself (via C1/C2 scanning). What I’m wondering is if anyone who’s been burning CD-Rs for a long time can comment as to whether the speed at which it’s burned affects it over the long term, regardless if initial C1/C2 scanning indicates a good burn.

Well all discs will eventually degrade, when is the big question. But if something has more errors and is poorly burnt to begin with, then when it degrades, it will become unreadable before a a better burnt disc would.

However, you ask if the speed affects it. Whether 16x degrades slower than 40x, I have no idea about that, but I doubt the actual burning speed itself can make the disc vulnerable to degrading. I am not 100% sure about this though, as stranger things have happened. :stuck_out_tongue: