CD-R software for Win2k?



I have Nero and Adaptec EasyCD creator for win2k. I’m trying to copy Quake3 and UT and I always get errors. Nero is giving me a stop error (blue screen) when I try to open it…it was working fine before. I have Nero which ahead says should work with win2k and it did for like a week.

My question is what is the best software to use in win2k to make CD copies even if they have copyrights.



You already have the best software…But there is one little problem…Very often Nero and Adaptec can’t work together on one system. That could be the solution to your blue screen.




hmmmm I will look into that.


I have both Adaptec and Nero installed on the same computer, and it just sits there when I attempt to make an image. I don’t get a blue screen or an error though. Could my problem be the result of the same thing?



I have the following installed under Win2k:

DirectCD 3.0
Disc Juggler 2.00.409
CDRWin 3.8a

I do not have ANY problems with any of them. My advice is to uninstall both the adaptec stuff and nero and reinstall them. Do the adaptec stuff first. Nero might complain about it being there, just ignore it. In win98 this would NEVER work. In win2k, it doesn’t seem to bother it at all. Good luck!


I know there is a little program out there that makes you able to switch between adaptec and nero!

I dont know how its called and where to find it…



you can find it on nero site



Remember that Nero needs its own ASPI …there are all the infos u need on the ahead’s site. (
Concerning other proggies, I’m using CDRwin 3.8a (with the right keygen) on a W2000 Pro Def. Vrs. and it works really fine for me with a SCSI Yamaha CDRW.

I hope u the best luck.