Cd-R size

I was wondering wut’s the maximum a cd-r can hold. The reason Im asking is because i downloaded a file that’s 950 megs. Some have told me that blindwrite can take the amount with just one cd-r. THNX!!

99 minute discs hold 870mb of Data.
Yes, you can overburn the 99 minute discs.

What kind of file is it?

Well i got this bin file from mIRC. It’s eJay v5, and people were tellin me it’s possible with blindwrite. I also have a application, how can i make that into a bin and cue sheet so that i may burn them???

I doubt you could fit it. As Spazmogen said 99 minute discs hold 870 MB. You wouldn’t be able to overburn another 80 MB’s. You could try zipping it before hand though to try to make it as small as possible. You could try putting it on 2 CD’s (dunno if that’s possible though). Good luck.