CD-R shelf-life

I have a Plextor 708-A and a spindle of Memorex CD-R 700 MB/80 minute that I have had for many years. I recently tried to burn some music on to a disc and was told by NERO that the media is not blank. I tried about ten of them and they all said the same thing.

My drive has not been the most consistent with CD-ROM media, but I can get it to play pre-pressed music cds with little issue. Burning on to DVD+R media has been no issue either.

Do you think this is expried CD-R issues or something else?

It may be the cd laser in your drive is starting to fade. My 712a showed similar signs when it’s cd laser started to die. First the drive only failed to recognize CD-RWs, but could read pressed disks just fine. Then it started having problems recognizing CD-Rs. I would have to insert disk 5-10 times before they were recognized. Now it cannot read or burn any CD format disks.

If possible try other CD-R(W)'s or try the old CD-R’s in a different burner.

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I have some old Memorex (24x) from some years ago & quite honestly they are absolute garbage.

Having said that it’s quite likely that [B]adict2jane[/B] is correct about the laser.