CD-R scans

I got 2 pieces of media:

  1. CMC CD-R (burned like 2 hrs ago)
  2. Prodisc CD-R (like 2 yrs old, got some scratches)

Same stuff, Memorex CD-Rs. Burned on a TDK Velocd 52/24/48, which is a LiteOn I heard?

Anyways, I did a read test on my NEC 3540 and

  1. ~ 15 C1 errors avg 0 C2 errors
  2. ~ 30 C1 errors avg, a few C2 errors (its aging media, I understand)

Arite, well media #1 doesnt do that well even though it’s a fresh burn.

SO I plop both discs into my Dell 600m which has a Samsung DVD/CD-RW SN324F drive and I run a disc quality check

it shows 0 C1 errors and 0 C2 errors for both discs. I’m totally confused. Can someone help out here

I don’t know the Samsung DVD/CD-RW SN324F drive specifically, but most drives are not capable of reporting C1 errors when perforing a Disc Quality scan.

Some drives are not even capable of reporting C2 errors or report only the worst type of C2 errors (E32 errors, als known as CU errors).

So what you’r describing isn’t that unusual. Your Samsung drive is incapable of reporting C1 errors, and it may or may not report C2 errors (correctly).

Please keep in mind that C1/C2 errors are not some absolute values on the disc that can be measured accurately, but are the result of interaction between drive and media during the reading process.

So two drives may have different opinions on the C1/C2 errors on a disc, and they may both in a sense be “right” - unless they are incapable of reporting correctly.

Does that make sense to you?