CD-R scans, what value is good?


I use Nero CD/DVD Speed and I know what makes a good DVD-R scan, but I don’t know what makes a good CD-R scan.

What values are considered good when looking at a CD-R scan?
i.e. maximum, average or common C1 error values…

I’ve attached an example scan.

C1 Errors < 2% would be excellent
C1 Errors < 10% would be good.
Any C2 errors would be bad.

I would normally scan at max speed though.

2%? Huh? :confused:
You mean less than 2 average?

Lol I guess that’s what she means. Is it possible to get more than 100 as an average???

Hmm, ok. How good/bad is the attaced image in my first post then?

Or this one below? I scanned it faster, 24x, lack of time… but about same result as my scan earlier at 4x (not posted) with this cd. Hmm strange, it ended in 34.28x even though I set it at 24x.

Very nice/10

But there are a lot of peaks above 10, won’t that be a problem?

I probably should mention it’s audio cd’s and it sounds like sh-i-t if the cd quality isn’t good all over (I belive it’s called clicks and pops noise). Data cd’s are a lot more forgiving.

Btw, thanks for your answers.

The Sony Q28A is a rebadged LiteOn SOHW-1693S and as such should not be used for scanning [B]CDR’s[/B]. It reports only a portion of the C1 contributions. This has been discussed a number of times (e.g. by Dragemester), but the forum search isn’t working for me right now, so I can’t post a link.

The values you’re seeing are unrealistically low.


Nah it doesn’t matter that much as long as there are no C2 errors. Most players shouldn’t have much trouble playing CD-Rs, regardless of brand and burner, CDs are pretty forgiving unless you get a really crappy batch.


thanks for the info, I will check if it’s any difference between my Sony Q28A and my Nec ND-3550A (both installed at the same time).

cd pirate,

ok, thanks. That’s good to know.

Btw. The audo cd I burned got a sound problem (like jumping sound) in the beginning of each song. Do you know if Nero 7 has any problem with converting mp3 files to an audio cd? Maybe it’s better to convert the mp3’s to wav before I burn. And what is best when burning audio cd’s, disc-at-once or track-at-once?