I have problem with a DVD-ROM.
I have a Gateway P4 1.7MHz, 256MB RAM, 2 Hard Drives C:, D:, & E:. I am running under Windows XP Home Edition.

I also have a CD-R/RW drive. Channel 1 and channel 2 where the CD-R/RW are configured as Cable Select. I've got a DVD-ROM (Pine), and I connected to the 2nd channel as Master and the CD-R/RW as Slave. Everything seems fine, but the device connected as Master shows as drive F:, but the other device connected as Slave does not show with My Computer or with WinExplorer. However, if I use CD Creator, it show drive F: and H: drive, and I can copy and write from the DVD-ROM to the CD-R/RW. I have tried all kind of configurations and even replace a cable to the regular cable and selected with the jumper Slave/Master, and the results are the same. If I open a DOS windows, I can do and DIR on H: drive and it shows it....
Pine Tech Support have given up, they do not know what the problem is.....
I appreciate if any of you have any suggestions..
Please send e-mail to

Warmest Regards, ]\/[ac.