CD-R/RW Compatibility with LiteOn DVDRW

I’m using a LiteOn DVDRW SOWH-1633S with Nero Software but I am having real problems burning any music tracks onto CD. The DVD seems okay and I thought it might be that the CD-R and CD-RW discs I bought to burn onto were of too poor a quality, but it won’t work with a TDK Disc, which is one of the recommended manufactures in the manual. Is compatibility a real problem and if so what make and/or specification of CD-R/RW is guaranteed to be of sufficient quality (if it’s not the discs I haven’t got a clue what to try). Thanks for any help, Dave

It might sound stupid, but before you burn the disc, select the “Determine Maximum Speed” tickbox and then try to burn.
I have a Ricoh writer and sometimes Nero needs to do this otherwise it complains about recording on the disc.