CD-R Recovery - Mix of Multisession data and possible UDF data

I have been asked to recover some photographs from a CD-R. The photographs have been saved over some months, each time creating another session on the disc.

However, it would appear that the last session that was written either failed to write properly, or may have been attempted to be saved as UDF data instead - I’m not too sure.

The only way I know how to recover from this kind of thing is by using Nero then selecting Extras->Save Tracks.

Nero ( takes a little while then comes back with an error saying:-

“One or more data tracks of this disc cannot be stored into an image file, because they do not start at the beginning of the disc or because they have been written in packet writing mode”

If I select all tracks and start, then after the first track has been saved (in .nrg format), I get another error saying:-

“Sorry, Nero cannot store linked multisession tracks in an image! The reason is that the resulting ISO image would not contain all referenced files”

However, if I try and select a single track, the “Output File Format” field blanks out, and there is no format in the drop down box, and I therefore cannot start the save process…

I have attemped to use ISO Buster, CD Roller, Bad Copy Pro and Blindwrite but none have worked so far.

I would be grateful if anyone can offer any other solutions that they have tried.


Please try with CloneCD.