CD-r recording level help



When I burn CD-Rs they are always a bit lower in volume than the CDs I have copied. Is there a way to fix this? I’m not much of a computer whiz. It’s as if the recording level needs to be turned up as you would when recording with a tape. Thanks


Hi there and be welcome!

AFAIK, the volume of a digital 1:1 copy should be identical to the volume of the original. Can you perhaps describe how you make copies of audio discs?


you probably normalized em at the cd ripper program or burning program or both and thats why volume aint same


Well basically I put the regular CD in, when the options come up I choose rip music. When that is finished I put a cdr in and the burn it. This is a brand new HP desktop. What would normalizing do? What should the settings be set at for the best sounding CDRs?


When you say rip the music , how are you doing this? Hopefully not to MP3 & then back to an audio CD.


I wish I knew how to explain it better. When I put the CD in, a little screen comes up and asks what I would like to do with multiple options, I choose rip music to the computer. I’m not sure if that is an MP3 or not. I wish I understood this better. If somebody could walk me through the steps to making the best sounding CD-rs that would be great. Hopefuly it won’t involve having to purchase more stuff. I am mostly interested in copying or making mixes from store bought CDs I already have, not stuff from the internet, thanks again!