CD-r reads under DOS not under Win2k

Recently bought A06 DVD-Writer. It was reading CD-Rs ok first. My NERO was 5.5.10.x so it didn’t support DVD writing and the Pioneer. So I decided to use the software included in the Retail Box. After installing Ulead and Nero Express both my Pioneer A06 and TDK VeloCD 32x CD Writer stopped reading my existing CD-r. It’s more like Windows Explorer doesn’t like them. If I check the CD-r info from Nero it shows the session, after rebooting inder DOS (w/ Win98 Start Up disk) it shows the contents. The Pioneer will only read pressed CDs, Audio CDs and DVDs…no CDrs…The TDK is even more picky :slight_smile: I uninstalled and installed again the software, using Nero now, played a lot w/ master/slave DMA , PIO, removing one drive than the other, updated Firmware of A06 from 1.05 to 1.06, reinstalled ASPI layer, now 4.60; removed IDE channels, so Win2k reinstalled on next reboot. The TDK doesn’t have an updated firmware, or at least couldn’t find one, so I just reset it to factory settings by unhooking the power cable for 15-20 min…So, that’s it - no result…Otherwise A06 is working fine - burning generic Princo DVD-Rs in 4X under 14min, reading them after that …everything is fine…but no CD-Rs…I haven’t checked it yet if it burns CD-rs though…I will do thid tonight… So, any ideas are openly welcome. Txs!

Did you try un-installing all recording software, and then check if you can read the discs with both drives before installing any recording software?

Yeah, I uninstalled Nero and Easy CD ( I had them both even if it’s not good, from what I know) and I think I checked if there are reading…Actually yeah, I checked, cause I was rebooting after each uninstall…and checking discs…I don’t wanna go through formatting and reinstalling windows again…There was time when I was doing that every 3-4 weeks…Now, I kinda settled down :slight_smile: I’ll give it a try again tonight. Yeasterday an XviD movie was dropping frames so I uninstalled some of the codecs. It appeared that Adobe Premiere or some other video authoring program has already installed some codecs so those have been doubled and that was causing some weird things to happen…For example my DVD-reader was crashing MicroDVD after trying to play from CD… Now It’s fixed. So I’ll check if it affects the other problem too…somehow :slight_smile: Txs for your input , though!

You’re welcome; I hope that helps, and I think it will. :slight_smile:

BTW, one thing that I think makes re-installing Windows easier is to make a clean install with just Windows and the hardware drivers, and then use a program such as Norton Ghost to make an image of the hard drive partition on which the OS is installed. You can keep that image on another hard drive or another partition (or even a CD), and you can just restore that image every time you want to re-install. It’s a lot faster and easier. :smiley:

That thing with the GHOST is a good idea…Txs again…Are there any points or something I should reward you? Sorry I’m new in this forum…

You’re welcome. I saw that someone that I knew was using Ghost for that purpose, and I was so impressed with how nice it is that I bought myself a copy of SystemWorks Pro (which comes with Ghost). You can get a good deal on it at, which is where I bought mine.

Are there any points or something I should reward you? Sorry I’m new in this forum.

No, but thanks for asking! :smiley:

I’m having the exact same problem. I purchased a Pioneer I06 and I too cannot read cd-r’s. I can burn them just fine and they read in different drives but not in the drive I burnt it on. In fact it won’t read any cd-r’s including ones burnt by different drives. Reading dvd’s, dvd-r etc etc as well as original cd’s works just fine. I don’t think the drive is at fault as when I put the drive in a different machine (also running Win2k) it works fine and when I put a different A06 in my machine the problem still exists.

I’m about to re-install Win2k to see if this makes a difference, have you had any luck yet hitterpetter?